"An Innovative and Strategic Marketing Program

Complimenting The Merchant Services Industry"

Operating in the merchant services industry

has become increasingly competitive. In our market place, it has become exceedingly difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. As a result of countless highly productive marketing sessions, along with months of in-depth research, we believe that we have given birth to a revolutionary new program that will demonstrate your sincere interest in the overall success of your merchants business.

Hometown Welcome Program provides you the edge you need to successfully acquire the processing accounts you seek by focusing on what's most important... building relationships.

Put the Hometown Welcome Program to work for you!

As a licensee of the HomeTown Welcome Program, your office will generate new customers for your merchants, giving you the competitive advantage over any other processing company. This proven program creates new opportunities for you and your merchants that no one else is offering, thus creating more loyal merchants and a continued revenue stream for your office. The HomeTown Welcome Program affords you the opportunity to Re-sign current merchants and gain new merchants without sacrificing your profit margin.

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