Why This Program

Why this program will work for you!

• Enhances your image with clients by initiating a structured community campaign focused on keeping business local and increasing sales for your customers

• Provides referrals of new customers for your advertisers monthly including our company emailing the list of new movers information to your merchants for further marketing opportunities

• Allows sales opportunities for up to 90 merchant ads per mailer

• Creates monthly revenue from accounts currently not advertising

• Creates bundling opportunities with your current advertising products

• Advertises your newspaper to each new resident in your market monthly and potential new subscription sales for your paper

• Sets you apart from area advertising medias and grants you a protected exclusive license for your marketing area

• Generates thousands of dollars in potential monthly revenue

• HomeTown Welcome Program, Inc. does all the work after you enroll the merchants. We build ads, custom print, mail, and acquire the database of new residents, plus we email that list monthly to you!